New Technology to Address Challenges after COVID-19

New thermal camera solutions to screen for elevated skin temperature are now available. These cameras allow for the rapid screening of up to 15 people at once through automated facial recognition, while allowing your staff to remain at a safe distance.

Anyone showing signs of elevated skin temperature can be denied entry to your facility, or other action can be taken depending on your company’s own internal policies.

Access control has never been more important in today’s environment. Surf now offers a unique access-control intercom station with temperature screening integration. This allows you to screen a visitor remotely for elevated skin temperature, and confirm identity before allowing entry to your facility or office.

Many customers have asked about exit-status card readers, to know when someone has left a facility, as well as time & attendance reports. These are both readily available and easily add to most access control systems.

We know this is challenging time– we’re here to help. Please contact our office to have a conversation about your unique needs and how we can help.

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