Everyone says they do it right. No one else in the industry guarantees it. Surf Fire, Safety & Security guarantees your complete satisfaction.  We guarantee a four-hour emergency response time.

“If Surf conducts your yearly fire inspection and for any reason you are ever unsatisfied with our performance, I give your money back. I guarantee it.”

–Guy Fichter, President

As our name illustrates, Surf began in fire. We are proud to have grown from essentially a one-man show, to now over 50 million square feet in New Jersey alone.  To say we install, service and repair your fire alarm systems, really doesn’t say much. When we say no one does fire better, we say a mouthful. Surf backs up this bold statement with the industry’s only money-back guarantee.

  • Installation, Service & Repair
  • 4–Hour Guaranteed Response for emergencies
  • Online Inspection Reports
  • Design & Engineering
  • 24-hour On-call

Fire protection codes are always changing. We immediately factor relevant changes into your system architecture. Ours is NOT a “set it and forget it” mentality. Ours is a methodology that sees your system as a living organism. We monitor it and maintain it, ensuring it’s properly suited to the job it was designed to do. Surf Fire, Security & Safety is an approved NOTIFIER® by Honeywell distributor, carrying all requisite certifications, training and a complete product line.

  • Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Networked System
  • Campus Wide Systems
  • Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (“FAAST”)
  • Consulting – Signed/sealed drawings

The day you contract with Surf for your fire system is the last day you’ll ever have to worry about it.

Don’t take our word for it! See the company we keep!



warren_technology I have been in the facility management business for just about 28 years and have dealt with many Life Safety vendors and honestly no one can touch the professionalism of Surf Fire & Security. I have been working with them for 8 years now and, I have always found their employees to be courteous and dependable, with my companies best interest in mind always. Should a service need arise, even in the middle of the night, Guy Fichter, owner, will speak to you personally. The prices are fair and honest. I would not trust another life safety company in my building.

Steven Foote
Chief Engineer, Citi Realty Services
Jones Lang LaSalle | Warren Technology Campus