Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems – Bidirectional Amplifiers – Emergency Responder Radio Coverage – Public Safety BDA – Installation & Service in NJ

What is an ERCES/BDA?

Emergency Radio Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES), sometimes referred to as Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA),were established to address the performance of first responders’ portable radios inside buildings. Building construction can absorb or block radio communications. Concrete, metal, underground structures and low E glass windows can have a negative impact on radio signal strength. This can affect radio transmissions from first responders inside the building to a responder outside or the dispatch center. During an incident, lack of communications can result in dire consequences.

How do I know if my building requires an ERCES/BDA system?

An Radio Frequency (RF) Survey will determine if an ERCES/BDA system is required. This is accomplished by measuring the signal strength in over 20 different locations per floor with a Spectrum Analyzer. If your building does not meet the required signal strength the only effective solution is to install an ERCES/BDA system.

How can Surf help?

As a survey must be performed when a new construction is almost complete, it is best to budget for an ERCES/BDA system, utilizing basic vertical wiring installed in a 2-hour rated assembly. Notifier offers all of the components required for design and installation of an ERCES/BDA system at a very competitive price. Contact your Surf Fire, Security and Safety representative for more information on your next project!